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In recent years, it seems it has been harder to get all of your employees together for important corporate and educational events.  With remote offices and budget constraints, it is getting frustrating trying to develop new innovative events and keep costs down.  See how video conferencing can help solve issues and make it easier than ever to have effective events that can reach everyone and stay on budget.

5 Tips for creating awesome multi-venue events.

1)  Hold your event offsite at a great venue such as a movie theater - It is cheaper than you think if you use video conferencing. 
2)  Give your IT guys a break -  Video conferencing is easy because it plugs directly into the digital cinema technology that tons of theaters have (plus it also plugs directly into auditorium projectors)
3)   Share materials with employees globe on their smartphones, tablets or laptops - engage your participants with polling and survey questions.  Click here to learn more about remote control of presentations.
4)   Keep the meeting interactive - Speakers can control their presentation from an iPad.  Bounce from slide to any slide in their presentation, change presentations on the fly - so it can be interactive without interrupting the meeting for “technical difficulties”.
5) Record the event so it is available later  - who wants to take notes during an event. With video conferencing Video Playback is included so you can put post and/or edit it for employees to review later.

Trust Perinata Technology Specialists to Prevent "Technical Difficulties"!

Technical Difficulties
You want your event to be easy, effective, efficient and not expensive.  Leave the technology to us!

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