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CoroCall HD Videoconferencing services with access to any device on any internet connection. Need to conference with someone in an airport on their iPad? Need to access someone on the desktop? Need to see and talk to a group in their legacy videoconference room? How about adding them all into the conference at once and allow each to present materials or share a desktop or collaborate on a project with reliable, low-latency connections that do not drop. This is not just a wish, this is Perinata Telepresence. And, it is competitive with telephone call rates. More...

Professional Solution Services

Perinata provides a range of technologically advanced services to serve your business needs. More.. Perinata Broadcast

Perinata serves the needs of Broadcasters with 'State of the Art' solutions for Aquisition and Production from remote sites and studios.  We can also design and build a complete facility IT monitoing and managing solution.. More..

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Perinata can facilitate large multivenue events with cost-effective solutions.  No need for a business to foot the bill to send hundreds of people traveling across the country ... or the globe.  Hold your event in several theatres or your own auditoriums with live interaction and immediate response.  More..

Perinata IT Products

Perinata IT Solutions to securely access your servers from long distance with the feel of being on the same network, monitor your facility for performance or protect your data with proven backup and restore.  More..


Perinata can show you how Business Class Videoconferencing can enhance your business at a surprisingly affordable price with CoroCall Services.  More...

Let us help you bring your corporate message to multiple venues like, movie theatres or conference rooms saving thousands in travel costs.  More... Twitter Logo Blogger Logo