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HP and Working Remotely

October 11, 2013

Meg Whitman announced that she is ending “Working at Home for HP Employees”   Is that a mistake? The Perinata Blog examines the move.

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New Perinata Blog

August 1, 2013

What's the buzz on new 4K TV? Get some insight at our new blog site!  We talk about the consumer response and the true value of 4K, how it can impact and improve your business.

Perinata Launches New Website

August 1, 2013

Perinata announced today the launch of a new website with easier navigation and more descriptive style for services offered.  We hope that visitors to this new website will find the layout simple to use and navigate.  They will find there useful information about the services offered by Perinata and how they can be of benefit to a business, while saving money and enhancing productivity. 

Please take some time to review this new website and let us know how we can be of service!

5 Tips for creating awesome multivenue events!

July 23, 2013

1)  Hold your event  offsite at a great venue such as a movie theater - It is cheaper than you think if you use video conferencing. Click here to find out more info. 
2)  Give your IT guys a break -  Video conferencing is easy because it plugs directly into the digital cinema technology that tons of theaters have (plus it also plugs directly into auditorium projectors)
3)  Share materials with employees globe on their smartphones, tablets or laptops - engage your employees with polling and survey questions.  Click here to learn more about connecting multiple locations.
4)  Keep the meeting interactive - Speakers can bounce from slide to any slide in their presentation, change presentations on the fly - so it can be interactive without interrupting the flow of the meeting.
5) Record the event so it is available later - who wants to take notes during an event. With video conferencing Video Playback is included so you can put post it for employees to review later.


MyRoadshows Frees the Presentor from the Lecturn

July 19, 2013


Welcome to MyRoadshows!

A new series of mobile applications developed by Compudigital Industries!

What is MyRoadShows?

MyRoadShows is a mobile device enabled PowerPoint and .PDF presentation system. You can present with the iPAD, an iPhone or an iPod using WiFi, 3G, 4G, or any other Internet connection. With MyRoadShows you can easily and fully control the presentation on a one to one basis or in front of thousands of people anywhere in the world. The MyRoadshows cloud servers handle of all the traffic easily assuring quick response times for your viewers. The MyRoadShows application allow the presenter to see thumbnail images of slides during a presentation. The presenter has the option of using this thumbnail view or a full-screen slideshow. To change slides, simply uses a slide gesture with your finger to move from slide to slide or, jump ahead or behind as you please. As the slides are moved by the presenter, images are presented on the viewer's mobile devices or their home computers in real time. The presenter has the option of uploading PDF files to the cloud, allowing the viewers to download these files easily on their local computer and on some mobile devices. This feature alone will save most companies hundreds of dollars and copying costs preparing for a presentation. It's time to go paperless and utilize the great technology that everyone carries around today in their pockets!

This is easy!

To get started, just download the MyRoadShows aplication to your IOS Device. You can click on the Demo button and see the application in full operation quickly. We need some basic information to create your account and you are off an running. After you register, login to the MyRoadShows Website and click on the "My Presentations" button. Then you create an event and upload your Powerpoint and/or PDF files. That is it! Then, just grab your iPad or iPhone, login with the same username and password that you registered here with and you are ready to start showing off this fun technology. It's all in the cloud! Viewers will soon be able to download the MyRoadshows APP from the APP store and experience the joy of MyRoadshows for yourself. You can also use a personal computer and a standard browser to view your show by going to Mobile devices that do not have one of the MyRoadShows APPs can go to to view your show.  

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