Perinata Professional Solution Services

Ubiquitous Computing or Pervasive Internet are services that are coming of age and changing the nature of business. Perinata (Pervasive Internet and Data Collection) is leading the way in providing affordable subscription services to enable this business revolution.

But, what does that mean?

It means that Perinata can fully serve your needs as a solution provider. We can provide simple to implement communication and collaboration services to highly complex applications and mobile apps.

Business Communication

Perinata can provide voice and videoconference services and systems that communicate with anyone, on any network, with virtually any device! We can provide system and conference room design to make your communications center really work for you. ...More

Multi-Venue Event Management Services

Expand outreach and create exciting events for your employees and clients. Perinata can provide infrastructure to transort HD presentations to large audiences across the globe over the PUBLIC INTERNET! Have one event in several Cinema Theatres or Large Auditoriums with full interactivity and audience participation. Save thousands in travel costs and have a better audience experience. ...More


Education technology is rapidly changing. Home study and virtual field trips are opening new worlds to anyone who now has an internet connection. Offering real choice in education is key to a future with well educated and well prepared individuals. Perinata can design and implement systems that take advantage of our new frontiers.

Click on the following video and see how excited students can be about learning when all the different learning styles are addressed.  Virtual Field Trip Video.

Legal Services

HD Videoconference Services can be very beneficial to the Legal Profession. Perinata can provide global deposition or consulting capability at very reasonable rates. Connect to existing Videoconference Room Sytems or virtually any device. We offer secure, low-latency, HD experience with no threat of "bombing" even in high profile court cases.

Application Services

Professional Services including Remote Access Consulting and Custom Software Applications. Do you need to access and monitor remote locations? Do you need a full service, multi-site application? Let us help! ...More

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