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Ubiquitous HD Videoconferencing

Corocall subscription services can connect with anyone on any network on virtually any device. PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android Device or Legacy Videoconference Room and all can be accessed at the same time.- Content Sharing and Collaboration and even Video File Playback.  - Record, Edit and Stream.  Learn More. . .

Perinata Multi-Venue Events

Bigger, Better Events – Lower Costs

In recent years, it seems it has been harder to get all of your employees together for important corporate and educational events.  With remote offices and budget constraints, it is getting frustrating trying to develop new innovative events and keep costs down.  See how video conferencing can help solve issues and make it easier than ever to have effective events that can reach everyone and stay on budget.  Learn More about Perinata Live Multi-Venue Events . .

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Remote PowerPoint Sharing and LIVE Polling

MyRoadshows is a mobile device enabled PowerPoint and PDF presentation system.  You can present with an iPad, an iPhone or an iPodusing WiFi, 3G, 4G or any other internet connection.  With MyRoadshows you can easily and fully control the presentation on a one to one basis or in front of thousands of people anywhere in the world.  Learn more about MyRoadshows. . .

Perinata Con-nect  

Remote Access Consulting Services with Perinata con-nect.  Perinata con-nect is secure remote access services to manage your systems from any internet connections.  Download the Perinata con-nect Brochure. . .

Perinata Detect   

Network and Process Monitoring with Perinata de-tect.  Perinata de-tect is real-time business process monitoring and self-healing corrective action to keep your systems running smoothly.  Download the Perinata de-tect Brochure. . .

Perinata Pro-tect   

Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Services, even on dissimilar hardware.  Perinata pro-tect is an OS independent bare metal, full file system and individual file back and restore system.  Learn more about Perinata pro-tect.. . .

Also see us for High Quality Multipoint Video Conference, HD Videostreaming, Desktop Sharing and Meeting Services. 

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Perinata can show you how Business Class Videoconferencing can enhance your business at a surprisingly affordable price with CoroCall Services.  More...

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