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Perinata Telepresence

40% of communication is non-verbal. Non-verbal communication is so important in conveying information, whether it is in a business meeting, an educational setting or a medical consultation.  Perinata Telepresence HD Videoconferencing powered by Corocall is also high quality audio with low latency full duplex with no annoying pauses or "talk overs".  It is "Just like being there".

The core H.264SVC technology is robust and reliable.  Connections are fast and easy and because, SVC scales to each individuals network, connections do not "drop".

But, well beyond seeing your meeting participants in true to life High Definition, the enahnaced tools to make any meeting experience more meaningful and productive. 

Collaboration is much easier with desktop sharing. Work together in concert on projects, even if you you are across the globe.

But, that is still not all.  Meetings can be recorded and edited for later playback over the web.and they can be streamed live to up to 300 participants.  Resolutions are stunning, with up to 1440 capability.

On the road?

Any WiFi, 3G or 4G connection works with iPhones, iPads, or Android Devices.  So, if you have an important meeting and you are in a airport, you are fully connected!

Seeing is believing!  Let us setup a demonstration for you and a free evaluation.  You will be amazed at the ease of use, verstilty and quality.

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