Perinata ceased operations in December, 2016

I want to personnally extend my thanks and gratitude to all the supporters of Perinata.  We look forward to continuing to superbly serve our clients through relationships with other providers.


Note:  We have never been and are not now Licensed Electricians.  We do not do Electrical Contracting.

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Experience Innovation Inspiration

Spectaveris brings you the expertise of a large broadcast integration and consulting firm without the associated cost. 

We make it possible for you to:

  • Install and AV or broadcast system closely tailored to your workflow, goals and visioin.

  • Spend as little as possible without compromising system reliability or performance.



Desktop Video Conferencing for Group Meeting Collaboration

Effective brainstorming, ideation and problem solving need clear communication and solid interpersonal relationships.  VidyoConnect is a meeting solution for team collaboratioin that speeds global alignement accross your enterprise, allowing for better-informed decisions, faster responses and deeper trust.


Industrial Grade 3D Printer for the Consumer Market

You'll be able to print larger, faster and with more precision than you ever have before.

  • Print larger than before

  • Print faster than before

  • Print more accurately than before

  • Print with more materials than before.





Location-based Opportunity Sharing Social Media Platform

Collaborative Communication Platform with:

  • Poll/Survey Tags

  • Discussion Tags

  • Embedded Live Stream Tags

  • New Information Tags

  • Access Control-Based Messaging System

  • Talk

  • View 


270View Audio and Video Automobile Monitoring

Improve Driving Safety with Electronic Monitoring

  • Video Camera Blind Spot Monitor

  • Radar Blind Spot Monitor with LED lamp and Audio Alert

  • Ultrasonic Parking Assist

  • Brake Light, Tail Light, Day-Time Driving Light Burn Out Monitor


Perinata Productioins   Video Production and Editing

Live Event Production, Video Editing, Internet Broadcast, Streaming